Titlel: Supplementaol Health Insurance

Supplemental Health Insurance counselors provide free guidance to EBCI elders and disabled members to make them aware of any and all alternative resources that are available to them within our five-county service area. You'll receive unbiased information in simple-to-understand language.

We work in conjunction with multiple service providing agencies on the Qualla Boundary and with Federal and North Carolina state agencies.

SHIP can provide assistance for:

• Disability claims

• Vocational rehabilitation referrals

• Medicaid enrollment

• Medicaid Health Check Program

• Medicare enrollment

• Medicare Part B payments

• Medicare Part B reimbursements

• Medicare Part D comparisons/questions

• Medicare Part D enrollment

• Hearing aid purchases

• Transportation to service facilities/disability appointments

• SSI reimbursement

• SSDI overpayment cases

• Early retirement counseling

• VA overpayment cases

Twice a year – in June and December - we hold Supplemental Security Insurance (SSI) clinics. You are encouraged to bring your receipts to get your SSI reimbursement.

Medicare will mail new Medicare cards between April 2018 & April 2019. (Medicare recipients living in the same household may receive new cards at different times). The new cards will no longer have your Social Security Number of them; this will help protect your identity. Your new card will have a number that is unique to you.

You don't need to do anything to get your new card. The new card will not change your Medicare coverage or benefits. There is no charge for the new card. Medicare will never ask you to personal or private information to get your new Medicare number and card.


• Explain how government programs work

• Act as your representative

• Fill out paperwork for those in need (illiterate)

• Research and gather information

• Deliver paperwork to the proper destination

• Make appointments

• Arrange transportation

• Answer Medicare questions

• Purchase hearing aids

• Order new Social Security or Medicare cards

Outreach programs include community meetings, medicare training seminars, participation in health fairs and Elders Day Celebration, and visits to Tsali Manor and Tsali Care.

We administer the Health Check program, which ensures that Medicaid eligible children receive well child care including immunizations and preventative screening. We provide case management and advocacy for Medicaid eligible children under the age of 19. Duties include tracking immunizations, assisting families with Child Health Insurance and Medicaid enrollment, and advocating for families to obtain preventative health services for children.

Supplemental Health Insurance Building

43 John Crowe Hill Rd.
PO Box 666
Cherokee, NC 28719

Michael Quillen
Interim Manager

828-359-6180 (main)

Monday - Friday
7:45 am - 4:30 pm